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TITLE:  DoD Directive 5129.46, "Defense Energy Information System (DEIS)", 12/02/1987

SUMMARY: This Directive: 1. Reissues and updates DoD Directive 5126.46, April 25, 1978. 2. Establishes the Defense Energy Information System (DEIS) and associated policy, procedures, and responsibilities for reporting and tracking energy consumption data under requirements of Title 42, United States Code, Section 6361 (Public Law 94-163, "Energy Policy and Conservation Act," Section 381, as amended); Title 42, United States Code, Section 8251 et. seq. (public Law 95-619, "National Energy Conservation Policy Act," Title V, Part 3, as amended), and Executive Order 11912, "Delegation of Authorities Relating To Energy Policy and Conservation," (as amended) April 13, 1976.
3. Charter the Defense Energy Data and Analysis Panel (DEDAP). 4. Cancels Defense Energy Program Policy Memorandum (DEPPM) No. 80-13, "Quarterly Energy Reports," November 20, 1980; Defense Energy Program Policy Memorandum (DEPPM) No. 84-2, "Defense Energy Information System Data Validation," January 26, 1984; Defense Energy Program Policy Memorandum (DEPPM) No. 84-4, "DEIS Users Group Meetings," April 3, 1984; Defense Energy Policy Program Memorandum (DEPPM) No. 86-4, "Modification of Defense Energy Information System Reporting Requirements for Utility Data," April 24, 1986 and incorporates them in DoD 6126.46-M, which provides instructions for the preparation, submission, and use of energy data to support the DEIS. 5. Cancels Report Control Symbol DD-M(M) 1212. 6. Authorizes DoD publications such as manuals, regulations, and handbooks to supplement this Directive.

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