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TITLE:  DoD Directive 512402, "Stars and Stripes (S&S) Newspapers and Business Operations", 10/05/1996

SUMMARY: This Directive: 1. Establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes procedures for the S&S organizations owned by designated Unified Commands consistent with DoD Directive 5122.10, March 13, 1989. 2. Supersedes policies and procedures in DoD Instruction 5120.4, November 14, 1984 about the S&S newspapers. 3. Authorizes the establishment, management, operation, and oversight of the STARS AND STRIPES, including the resale of commercial publications necessary to support the overall S&S mission-essential activities of the Department of Defense and the designated Unified Commands. 4. designates the Secretary of the Army as the DoD executive Agent for providing administrative and logistical support to the American Forces Information Service (AFIS), designated Unified Commands, and the S&S. 5. Authorizes the Commander in Chief, U.S. European command, and the commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command , to establish and maintain a S&S board of directors to address S&S business operations in their Unified Commands.

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Change 1, 10/16/1995
Change 2, 09/03/1996

OPR:  ASD(PA), 703-697-0792