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TITLE:  DoD Directive 5120.39, "Department of Defense Wage Fixing Authority Appropriated Fund Compensation", 04/24/1980

SUMMARY: This Directive: (1) Reissues DoD Directive 5120.39 to update and restate established uniform policies, practices, and schedules for DoD civilian employees paid from appropriated funds pursuant to the authority contained in Title 5, United States code, Chapter 53, subchapter IV and Section 5102 (c), (11), (12), (19), and (20), which designated the Secretary of Defense as the wage fixing authority within the Department of Defense; (2) defines the authority and assigns responsibility for wage fixing within the DoD; (3) Establishes the DoD Wage Committee and DoD Wage Fixing Authority Staff and delineates their authorities, responsibilities, and relationships with DoD Components and the Office of Personnel Management.

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Change 1, 11/16/1994

OPR:  PDUSD(P&R), 703-697-2121