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TITLE:  DoD Directive 5105.47, "U.S. Defense Representative (USDR) in Foreign Countries", 09/20/1991

SUMMARY: This Directive: (1) Reissues DoD Directive 5105.47, July 15, 1975 to establish applicability and update policy and responsibilities. (2) Establishes policy for the USDR in a foreign country to strengthen the relationships among: (a) DOD personnel and organizations in that foreign country that are not under the command of a U.S. area military commander (hereafter referred to as "DOD noncombatant command elements"0, (b) the U.S. Ambassador to that foreign country (hereafter referred to as the "Chief of Mission" or "COM"), and (c) that foreign country's defense establishment.

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Change 1, 01/20/1992

OPR:  USD(P), 703-695-5136