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TITLE:  DoD Directive 5100.88 (now 5101.1), "DoD Executive Agent," 09/03/2002

SUMMARY:   Pursuant to the authority of the Secretary of Defense under Title 10, United States Code, this Directive:  1. Provides a DoD-wide definition of DoD Executive Agent.  2. Provides DoD approval authority for assigning DoD Executive Agent responsibilities, functions, and authorities within the Department of Defense.  3. Prescribes the policy for the management and control of DoD Executive Agent assignments and arrangements associated with such assignments within the Department of Defense.  4. Provides for the exchange of information between DoD Executive Agents and the DoD Components regarding resources and the quality of support throughout the full range of operations.

NOTE:  A new series (5101) was created for DoD Executive Agent Charter Directives.  Effective May 9, 2003, DoD Directive 5100.88 was renumbered DoD Directive 5101.1 and placed in the new series and the first Directive of that series.

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Change 1, 05/09/2003

OPR:  DA&M, 703-695-4281