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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 5040.6, "Life Cycle Management of DoD Visual Information," 04/10/2001

SUMMARY:  This Instruction: 1. Implements references (a) through (h). 2. Authorizes: DD Form 2537, "Visual Information Caption Sheet (enclosure 7), DoD 5040.6-M-1, "Decision Logic Table Instructions for Recording and Handling Visual Information Material," (reference (g), DoD 5040.6-M-2, "Instructions for Handling Visual Information (VI) Material," DoD 5040.6-M-3, "Visual Information (VI) Records Schedule," and DoD 5040.6-M-4, "Department of Defense Imagery and Caption Style Guide."

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Change 1, 10/21/2002

OPR:  ASD(PA), 703-697-0792