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TITLE:  DoD Directive 5040.2, "Visual Information (VI)," 12/07/1987

SUMMARY: This Directive: 1. Reissues DoD Directive 5040.2, October 11, 1985 after consolidation with DoD 5040.2-R, November 1979 to update DoD visual information policy. 2. Implements Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-114, March 20, 1985. 3. Assigns responsibilities for the management of DoD VI resources in conjunction with DoD Directive 5040.3, December 5, 1985. 4. Establishes the DoD Visual Information Standards Panel 9DVISP), and the DoD Visual Information Steering Committee (DVISC), as set forth in enclosure 2.  5. Authorizes the development and publication of DoD 5040.2-C, "Department of Defense Catalog of Visual Information Productions;" DoD 504032-G, "Defense Automated Visual Information System (DAVIS) Thesaurus; consistent with the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation, April 1, 1984.

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Change 1, 12/07/1990
Change 2, 05/10/1999

OPR:  ASD(PA), 703-697-0792