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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 5030.7, "Coordination of Significant Litigation and Other Matters Involving the Department of Justice", 08/22/1988

SUMMARY: This Instruction: 1. Reissues DoD Instruction 5030.7, December 2, 1983, replaces General Counsel Memorandum, "Supreme Court Review of Decisions from the Court of Military Appeals" July 26, 1984, and cancels General Counsel Memorandum, "Implementation of DoD Instruction 5030.7, 'Coordination of Requests for Action by the Attorney General of the United States and of Significant Litigation'." 2. Updates the requirement for coordination of requests to the Department of Justice (including the Attorney General) for formal opinions; and prescribes procedures for coordinating DoD civil and criminal actions that are being litigated or that may be litigated by the Department of Justice.

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OPR:  GC, DoD, 703-695-7157