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TITLE:  DoD Directive 5030.59, "National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) LIMITED DISTRIBUTION Imagery or Geospatial Information and Data," 05/13/2003

SUMMARY:  This Directive:  1. Cancels DoD Instruction 5030.59, "Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy (MC&G) Data; Public Availability and Exceptions", January 19, 1993, to update DoD policy and assign responsibilities in accordance with Section 455 of title 10, United States Code and DoD Directive 5105.60 for the use, availability, and withholding of LIMITED DISTRIBUTION imagery or geospatial information and data distributed by, created by, or derived from National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) information and data in the possession of, or under the control of, the Department of Defense.  2. Authorizes the issuance of further guidance in accordance with DoD Directive 5105.60.

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