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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 5010.37, "Efficiency Review, Position Management, and Resource Requirements Determination", 11/17/1987

SUMMARY: 1. This Instruction reissues and retitles DoD Instruction 5010.37, February 7, 1985 under reference DoD Directive 5010.31, April 27, 1979 to update policy, criteria, and procedures, guidance, and responsibilities for the DoD efficiency review (ER) process, work measurement, labor and staffing standards development, resource requirements determination, and position management throughout the Department of Defense. 2. This Instruction also sets policy for requirements, determination of the programmed forces structure, the programmed manpower structure, programmed manning, and position management (reference "Department of Defense Manpower Requirements, Report," FY 88). 3. This Instruction provides the authority to publish and maintain the following publications in the DoD Directives System: a. DoD 5010.31-H, "Training Guide for the Management Analyst, and Industrial Engineering Technician." b. DoD 5010.37-H, "Operational Improvement and Measurement."

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