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TITLE:  DoD 5010.15-1-M, "Standardization of Work Measurement," date varies per volume

SUMMARY:  This Manual provides standard time data and guidelines for uniform application of various
industrial/management engineering techniques.  Maximum use of these guidelines and standard time data
is mandatory at each Department of Defense activity where Labor Performance Standards are developed
and applied.

FILESManual (access all volumes)


Basic Volume - General Guidance, June 1977
Volume II - Clerical and Sales Occupations, December 1975
Volume III - Service Occupations, June 1975
Volume IV - Farming, Fishing, Forestry, and Related Occupations, June 1975
Volume V - Processing Occupations, June 1975
Volume VI - Machine Trades Occupations, November 1974
Volume VII - Bench Work Occupations, February 1977
Volume VIII - Structural Work Occupations, June 1975
Volume IX - Miscellaneous Occupations (Transportation, Packaging, Materials Handling . . .), January 1977
Volume X - Universal (Common to Two or More Occupations), April 1977

OPR:  PDUSD(P&R), 703-697-2121