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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 5000.58, "Defense Acquisition Workforce", 1/14/1992

SUMMARY: This Instruction and it's enclosures: (1) Implements references DoD Directive 5000.52, October 25, 1991; Title XII of Public Law 101-510. (2) Supersedes references The Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition) memorandum "Designation of Acquisition and Critical Acquisition Positions" 01 October 1991; The Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition) Policy Memorandum "Requirements and qualifications for Program and Deputy Program Managers" 01 October 1991 (hereby cancelled). (3) Establishes policy, assigns responsibility, and prescribes procedures and criteria for designating acquisition positions and critical acquisition positions, for management of the acquisition workforce, and for establishing and managing the Acquisition Corps.

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Change1, 04/12/1993
Change 2, 01/05/1996
Change 3, 01/31/1996

OPR:  USD(AT&L), 703-697-7261