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TITLE:  DoD 5000.4-M-1, "Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR) Manual", 4/1999

SUMMARY: This Manual is issued under the authority of DoD Directive 5000.4 and serves as the primary guide for the development, implementation, and operation of the Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR) System. It provides background information and detailed guidance to implement the mandatory CCDR policies established in DoD Directive 5000.1, DoD Regulation 5000.2-R, and DoD Manual 5000.4-M, all of which are summarized in Chapter 2. This Manual supersedes the CCDR Pamphlet and the CCDR guidance set forth in Section 2.B of the Processing Information contained in the Defense Acquisition Desk book (DAD). This Manual applies to DoD organizations and defense contractors who prepare CCDR reports. While this Manual in total is not mandatory or contractually binding, the guidance it contains should be followed. However, selected portions of the Manual are contractually binding when included or referenced in the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) and the Data Item Descriptions (DIDs). This ensures that the necessary CCDR data are accurate, consistent, and made available to DoD cost estimators in a timely manner.

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