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TITLE:  DoD 5000.4-M, "Cost Analysis Guidance and Procedures," 12/1992

SUMMARY:  This Manual is issued under the authority of DoD Directive 5000.4, "OSD Cost Analysis Improvement Group (CAIG)," November 24, 1992. This Manual establishes:  1. Guidance on the preparation of the "Cost Analysis Requirements Document (CARD)." The CARD is to be prepared by the program office (or an office designated by the sponsoring DoD Component if the program office does not exist) describing the complete program and will be used as the basis on which the program office and DoD Component cost analysis teams prepare the program life-cycle cost estimates.  2. Guidance on the scope of the cost analysis, the analytical methods to be used in preparing cost estimates, and the procedures and presentation of the estimates to the Cost Analysis Improvement Group.  3. Definitions for seven cost terms and provides an understanding as to how they relate to life-cycle cost categories, work breakdown structure elements, and appropriations.  4. The requirements, objectives, uses, and administration of the "Visibility and Management of Operating and Support Costs (VAMOSC) Program."

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