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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 4210.8, "Department of Defense Bills of Materials", 04/25/1972

SUMMARY: This Instruction prescribes general policies and procedures to be used by the Department of Defense in obtaining Bills of Materials. Information contained in Bills of Materials is needed for the development of current and mobilization requirements for materials for the support of the Defense Materials system, DoD Instruction 4210.7, November 4, 1971, and the Strategic and Critical materials Stockpiling program, Defense Mobilization Order 8600.1A, "General Policies for Strategic and Critical Materials Stockpiling," December 16, 1968. . Bills of Materials may also be useful in planning for production under the concepts of the DoD Industrial Preparedness Planning Program, references DoD Directive 4005.1, June 23, 1967, and DoD Instruction 4005.2, September 11, 1967.

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