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TITLE:  DoD 4165.66-M, "Base Reuse Implementation Manual", 12/1997

SUMMARY: The Manual is reissued under the authority of DoD Directive 4165.66, "Revitalizing Base Closure Communities and Community Assistance," February 12, 1996. It contains guidance as to the Department's implementation of "Revitalizing Base Closure Communities and Community Assistance" (32 CFR Parts 174, 175, and 176) by providing greater detail about the issues addressed in them.

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Front Matter (pdf (187 KB))
Chapter 1, "Introduction" (pdf (69 KB))
Chapter 2, "Base Reuse Process Overview" (pdf (260 KB))
Chapter 3, "Identifying Interests in Real Property and Reuse Planning" (pdf (720 KB))
Chapter 4, "Personal Property" (pdf (236 KB))
Chapter 5, "Leasing for Reuse" (pdf (216 KB))
Chapter 6, "Maintenance, Utilities, and Services" (pdf (167 KB))
Chapter 7, "Economic Development Conveyances" (pdf (218 KB))
Chapter 8, "Leasebacks" (pdf (118 KB))
Appendix A, "Laws and Regulations Affecting Base Reuse Implementation" (pdf (584 KB))
Appendix B, "Base Closure and Reuse Laws and Amendments" (pdf (774 KB))
Appendix C, "32 CFR Part 174, 175, and 176" (pdf (303 KB))
Appendix D, "Leasing Materials" (pdf (282 KB))
Appendix E, "Regulations for Real Property Transfers and Public Benefit Conveyances"
(pdf (2,228 KB))
Appendix F, "DoD Environmental Policies and Guidance" (pdf (793 KB))
Appendix G, "Federal Points of Contact for Base Reuse" (pdf (307 KB))

OPR:  USD(AT&L), 703-697-7261