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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 4150.7, "DoD Pest Management Program", 04/22/1996

SUMMARY: This Instruction: (1) Implements policy, assigns responsibility, and prescribes procedures for the Department of Defense Pest management Program, as established under DoD Directive 4715.1, February 24, 1996.; Section 125 of title 10, U.S.C.; and the Joint Service Regulation, "Joint Field Operating Agencies of the Office of the Surgeon General of the army," August 16, 1988. (2) Authorizes the publication of DoD 4150.7-M, "DoD Pest Management Training and Certification," in accordance with DoD 5025.1-M, June 24, 1994. (3) Authorizes the publication of DoD 4150.7-P, "DoD Plan for the Certification of Pesticide Applicators," in accordance with DoD 5025.1-M. (4) Designates the Secretary of the Army as the DoD executive Agent for the Armed Forces Pest Management Board (AFPMB).

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OPR:  USD(AT&L), 703-697-7261