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TITLE:  DoD 4145.26-M, "DoD Contractors' Safety Manual For Ammunition and Explosives," 09/1997

SUMMARY:  This Manual is issued under the authority of, and in accordance with, DoD Instruction 4145.26,  "DoD Contractors' Safety Requirements for Ammunition and Explosives," April 4, 1996. The Manual provides  safety standards common to DoD and private industry ammunition and explosives (A&E) operations and facilities.  DoD 6055.9-STD, "DoD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards," October 1992, establishes these safety standards and serves as the primary source document from which this unclassified Manual is derived. The DoD Supplement to the Federal Acquisition Regulation requires contracting officers to incorporate this Manual in A&E procurement actions to achieve parity between contractor and DoD component compliance. The purchasing  activity may include additional A&E or related safety requirements as it deems necessary. This revision adds chapters on manufacturing propellants and hazardous component safety data statements,  updates basic principles of A&E safety, and provides sufficient information to enable the contractor to make appropriate and reliable decisions affecting his or her facility and operations. The methods of compliance  are the responsibility of the contractor.

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