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TITLE:  DoD 4140.32-M, "Defense Inactive Item Program", 08/1992

SUMMARY:  This manual, which is published under the authority of DoD Directive 4140.32, Defense Inactive item Program  provides uniform DoD–wide procedures whereby inactive iterns are selected and considered for elimination as items of supply from the supply system and from active catalogging records on a progressive and systematic basis.

Items which are no longer needed to support  the mission of DoD activities, other Federal agencies, or the International Logistics Programr needlessly consume warehouse space, personnel resources, and machine time with serious adverse effect upon the total supply operation. Thereforer responsible DoD managers at every level and the General Services administration (GSA), by agreement with that Agency, will be expectecd to place serious continuing emphasis on the purging of unneeded items from the materiel inventory and active cataloging records.

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