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TITLE:  DoD 4140.26-M, "Defense Integrated Material Management Manual for Consumable Items", 01/1992

SUMMARY:  This manual has been revised and is issued under the authority of DoD Directive 4140.1, Materiel Management Policy, dated 4 Jan 93. Its purpose is to prescribe uniform policy and procedures for (1) subjecting all items to an analysis based on standard criteria to determine whether or not a particular item qualifies for wholesale management by the Military Service or designated item manager,  (2) submitting and processing supply support requests; (3) recording user interest on integrated materiel management; (4) submitting and processing logistic reassignment transactions; and (5) communicating problems evolving from the basic program to provide a comprehensive single point of reference.


Front Matter (PDF (279 KB))
Chapter 1, (PDF (74 KB))
Chapter 2, (PDF (94 KB))
Chapter 3, (PDF (244 KB))
Chapter 4, (PDF (292 KB))
Chapter 5, (PDF (11 KB))
Chapter 6, (PDF (243 KB))
Chapter 7, (PDF (19 KB))
Chapter 8, (PDF (76 KB))
Chapter 9, (PDF (82 KB))
Appendix A, (PDF (228 KB))
Appendix B, (PDF (15 KB))
Appendix C, (PDF (311 KB))
Appendix D, (PDF (140 KB))
Appendix E, (PDF (226 KB))
Appendix F, (PDF (339 KB))
Appendix G, (PDF (234 KB))
Appendix H, (PDF (113 KB))
Appendix I, (PDF (7 KB))
Appendix J, (PDF (45 KB))
Appendix K, (PDF (46 KB))
Appendix L, (PDF (35 KB))
Appendix M, (PDF (104 KB))
Appendix N, (PDF (56 KB))

OPR:  USD(AT&L), 703-697-7261