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TITLE:  DoD 4000.25-M, "Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS)",  3/10/2003

SUMMARY:  Department of Defense (DoD) 4000.25-M, The Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS), is published by the direction of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics and Materiel Readiness) (DUSD (L&MR)) under the authority of the Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 4140.1, Material Management Policy.  It consists of five volumes: Volume 1, Concepts and Procedures; Volume 2, Supply Standards and Procedures; Volume 3, Transportation; Volume 4, Acquisition; and Volume 5, Finance.  The manual provides policies, uniform procedures, and electronic data interchange standards for conducting DoD logistics business processes implemented under the DLMS.  The DLMS is the linchpin of logistics systems standardization and modernization, both for business processes and data interchanges, within the DoD and with industry.

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