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TITLE:  DoD 4000.25-10-M, "Defense Automatic Addressing System", 04/1985

SUMMARY:  The DAAS manual prescribes the concepts, rules, and procedures for the transmission of computer readable logistic documents to and from the DAAS sites at Dayton, Ohio and Tracy, California.


Front Matter (PDF (167 KB))
Chapter 1 (PDF (151 KB))
Chapter 2 (PDF (126 KB))
Chapter 3 (PDF (161 KB))
Chapter 4 (PDF (195 KB))
Chapter 5 (PDF (205 KB))
Chapter 6 (PDF (126 KB))
Appendix A (PDF (165 KB))
Appendix B (PDF (426 KB))
Appendix C (PDF (86 KB))
Appendix D (PDF (13 KB))