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TITLE:  DoD 3235.2-R, "Food and Nutrtion Research and Engineering Program", 04/1984

SUMMARY:   This Regulation is issued under the authority of DoD Directive 3235.2, "Department of Defense Food and Nutrition Research, Development, Testing,Evaluation and Engineering Program," April 20, 1983.  It assigns responsibilities and prescribes procedures for operation and management of the program.

As specified in DoD Directive 3235.2, this Regulation replaces the Joint Services Regulation (Army Regulation 70-3, OPNAV Instruction 3900.26B, Air Force Regulation 80-52, Marine Corps Order 3900.9B, and Defense Supply Agency Regulation 3200.4) "Department of Defense Food Research, Development, Testing, and Engineering Program", August 15, 1975.

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OPR:  DDR&E, 703-695-0598