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TITLE:  DoD Directive 3230.3, " DoD Support for Commercial Space Launch Activities", 10/14/1986

SUMMARY: This Directive implements references Public Law 98-575, "Commercial Space Launch Act, " 49 U.S.C 2601-23, October 30, 1984, National Security Decision Directive 94, "Commercialization of Expendable Launch Vehicles, " May 16, 1983, Interim Final Licensing Regulations, 14 CFR ch. III, vol 51, No. 38, 6870-83, February 26, 1986 and the guidance contained in references Secretary of Defense approval of March 26, 1985 SAF/US Memorandum to Secretary of Defense, April 4, 1985 , Secretary of Defense Memorandum, "Commercialization of Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELV), " April 18, 1984, and DoD Directive 3200.11, "Major Range and Test Facility Base, " September 29, 1980 by establishing policies, procedures and waivers to be used in providing DoD support for commercial expendable space launch activities. This Directive sets policy for assisting and consulting with the Department of Transportation (DoT) on requirements concerning public health and safety, safety of property, and national security.

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