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TITLE:  DoD 3200.12-M-1, "Research and Technology Work Unit Information System Manual", 08/1984

SUMMARY:  This Manual is issued under the authority of DoD Directive 3200.12, "DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program," February 15, 1983, which established a series of DoD publications to provide direction and guidance in areas related to the scientific and technical information program. It supplements DoD 3200.12-R-1, "Research and Technology Work Unit Information System Regulation," August 1983, and replaces Defense Logistics Agency Manual (DLAM) 4185.5, "R&T Work Unit Information System Data Input Manual," December 1968.  The purpose of this Manual is to prescribe uniform procedures to ensure consistency of input to the Research and Technology Work Unit Information System (R&TWUIS) and to establish a Work Unit Information System (WUIS) Working Group. The Manual also provides a vehicle for altering the WUIS and its contributor subsystems, as necessary, to improve their responsiveness.

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