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TITLE:  DoD 3020.36-P, "Master Mobilization Plan", 06/1988

SUMMARY: This DoD Master Mobilization Plan (MMP) is promulgated under the authority of DoD Directive S-3020.36, "Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities to Department of Defense Components (U)," August 28, 1973, as the basic plan to direct and coordinate planning by all Agencies of the Department of Defense (DoD) for the contingency of mobilization, as defined herein.

Mobilization is the process whereby a nation makes the transition from a normal state of peacetime preparedness to a war-fighting posture. It involves the assembly , organization, and application of the nation’s resources for national defense. The mobilization process encompasses all activities necessary to pre-pare systematically and selectively for war. The ability to mobilize effectively contributes to the deterrence of war.

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