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TITLE:  DoD Directive 2310.1, "DoD Program for Enemy Prisoners of War (EPOW) and Other Detainees (Short Title: DoD Enemy POW Detainee Program)", 08/18/1994

SUMMARY:  This Directive reissues reference DoD Directive 5100.69, "DoD Program for Prisoners of War and Other Detainees, " December 27, 1972 to update policy and responsibilities within the Department of Defense for a program to ensure implementation of the international law of war, both customary and codified, about EPOW, to include the enemy sick or wounded, retained personnel, civilian internees (CIs), and other detained personnel (detainees). Detainees include, but are not limited to, those persons held during operations other than war. Designates the Secretary of the Army as the Executive Agent for the Department of Defense for the administration of the DoD EPOW Detainee Program.

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OPR:  ASD(ISA), 703-697-2788