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TITLE:  DoD Directive 2100.3, "United States Policy Relative to Commitments to Foreign Governments Under Foreign Assistance Programs", 07/11/1963

SUMMARY:   This Directive promulgates the policy of the U.S. Government as established "The U.S. Policy on this subject as approved by the President on 8 May 1956".

The President on 8 May 1956 approved the policy that no promises or commitments involving future performance or future expenditures of U.S. funds for foreign assistance should be made or implied except upon specific determination:

  1. That such promises or commitments are in accordance with approved policy;
  2. That either funds have been appropriated or authorized by the Congress -- including such authority as may be granted for making long-term commitments -- or that there is Executive determination to seek such funds as may be required;
  3. As to the extent to which the recipient country may be able to support the program contemplated;
  4. As to the probable time-span over which such assistance may have to be granted.

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Change 1, 09/08/1972

OPR:  USD(P), 703-695-5136