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TITLE:  DoD Directive 1430.13, "Training Simulators and Devices", 08/22/1986

SUMMARY: This Directive establishes training simulator and device development, acquisition, and utilization policy implementing reference Assistant Secretary of Defense Memorandum, "Guidelines for the Development and Acquisition of Training Simulators and devices, " October 5, 1984, in accordance with reference DoD Directive 5000.1, "Major System Acquisition, " March 12, 1986 through (i). Provides guidance for establishing Service policy for training simulators and devices. Authorizes the Department of Defense to use training simulators and devices to make training system more effective and to help maintain military readiness. Emphasizes the relationship between the system(s) supported and the training system and supports the requirements for coincident development and concurrency between the system(s) supported and the training system. A systematically developed training system with appropriate training simulators, devices, and embedded training capability cost-effectively provides training for any given weapon or support system. Properly used, such training simulators and devices facilitate: Training that might be impractical or unsafe if done with actual systems or equipment; concentrated practice in selected normal and emergency actions; the training of operators and maintainers to diagnose and address possible equipment faults; enhanced proficiency despite shortages of equipment, space, ranges, or time; control of life-cycle training costs; and reducing systems required in maintenance training. Emphasizes that training simulators and devices are integral parts of an overall training system. Those training systems without training simulators or devices specifically are excluded from this Directive.

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