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TITLE:  DoD 1401.1-M, "Personnel Policy Manual for Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities," 12/1988

SUMMARY:  This Manual applies to DoD civilian and off-duty military employees of Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFIs) worldwide, whose compensation is derived from nonappropriated funds, except for the following exclusions:
1. Employees of private organizations which have been authorized by appropriate military authority.
2. Civil Service and U.S. military personnel assigned to morale, welfare, or recreation activities.
3. Independent contractors (such as professional entertainers and sports officials), where no employer and employee relationship exists.
4. Individuals employed by private contractors and concessionaires who do business with NAFIs.
5. Local nationals or third country nationals employed in Guam, other U.S. areas, or in foreign areas who may be
subject to the provisions of treaties or country-to-country agreements.

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