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TITLE:  DoD 1400.20-3-M, "DoD Program for Stability of Civilian Employment Program Evaluation Guidelines", 4/1980

SUMMARY:  The purpose of this Manual is to provide guidance in evaluating compliance with the spirit, intent and policies applicable to the DoD Program for Stability of Civilian Employment, with primary emphasis on the Priority Placement Program (PPP). Activities will take all reasonable and prudnet actions to implement a responsive PPP consistent with the merit system principles contained in DoD 1400.20-1-M and the Federal Personnel Manual. These evaluation guidelines have been prepared primarily to explain Department of Defense concepts for evaluating the PPP and to be used as a guide by those engaged in evaluation. This Manual should be of assistance in discerning significant facts, drawing valid conclusions from the facts, and reporting findings and recommendations.


OPR:  PDUSD(P&R), 703-697-2121