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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 1322.19, "Voluntary Education Programs in Overseas Areas", 05/09/1988

SUMMARY: This Instruction prescribes uniform procedures and assigns responsibilities for the Military Services to avoid the unnecessary duplication of postsecondary education offerings in overseas areas under Public Law 99-145, section 1212 (to be codified at Title 10, United States Code, Section 113 note) and DoD Directive 1322.8, "Voluntary Education Programs for Military Personnel," July 23, 1987.   This Instruction under Public Law 99-145, section 1212 a)reflects the statutory requirement, subject to the exceptions in paragraph 1.2.2., that no solicitation, contract, or agreement for off-duty postsecondary education services for military members, DoD civilian employees, or the dependants of such military members or employees, other than for the services at the graduate or postgraduate level, may limit the offering of such services or any group, category, or level of courses to a single academic institution.  This Instruction prescribes criteria for avoiding the unnecesary duplication of educational services by exercising the authority in P.L. 99-145 to grant exceptions, when required, to subparagraph 1.2.1.

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