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TITLE:  DoD Directive 1315.7, "Military Personnel Assignments", 01/09/1987

SUMMARY: This Directive reissues DoD Directives 1315.7, 1315.11, 1315,13, and 1315,14 to update DoD policies, procedures, and responsibilities pertaining to the assignment and reassignment of service members.  This Directive establishes uniform policies and procedures that shall maintain an equitable assignment system enhancing career attractiveness, sustaining an assignment base for overseas tours of duty, achieving stability for tour completions, and developing tour lengths consistent with maintaining a high degree of combat capability and readiness; assign sole surviving sons or daughters and certain surviving family members; assign service members to designated hostile-fire or imminent-danger areas (except during periods of war or national emergency declared by the Congress); establish policies and procedures involving the relocating of military dependents; assign service members to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (OJCS), and the Defense Agencies; establish uniform procedures for filling military billets established under DoD Directive 1100.9.

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Change 1, January 9, 1989
Change 2, June 12, 1995
Change 3, May 7, 1997

OPR:  PDUSD(P&R), 703-697-2121