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TITLE:  DoD 1215.15-H, "The Reserve Components of the United States Armed Forces", 06/1996

SUMMARY:  This Handbook has been prepared for the purpose of providing general understanding of our Reserve forces and is reissued under the authority of DoD Directive 1215.15, "Reserve Officers Foregin Exchange Program," September 8, 1987. The Guard and Reserve are no longer considered as forces of last resort; rather, they are recognized as indispensable to the nation's defense from the earliest days of a conflict. And, as we look to a future in which budgets will likely remain tight and the tempo of day-to-day military operations will remain high, the cost-effectiveness of the Total Force takes on increased importance for the twenty-five years of Total Force planning. Although the wartime role of the guard and the Reserve forces has been and will remain critical, peacetime support to the Active forces has taken on increased importance. Through the use of "Compensating Leverage" the Reserve components are helping control peacetime cost and to reduce the risks associated with smaller active forces.

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