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TITLE:  DoD Directive 1100.20, "Support and Services for Eligible Organizations and Activities Outside the Department of Defense", 04/12/2004

SUMMARY:   This Directive:  1.  Administratively reissues DoD Directive 1100.20, dated January 30, 1997, to reestablish previous policy and assign responsibilities for the use of units and personnel of the Armed Forces under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of a Military Department in civil-military innovative readiness training (IRT) activities that result in support and services for eligible organizations and activities outside the Department of Defense, and which are not otherwise prohibited by law.  2.  Clarifies and distinguishes civil-military IRT activities conducted under the authority of section 2012 of title 10, United States Code, from other DoD programs and authorities that have a civil-military component.  3. Does not cancel, modify or supersede any of the policies or responsibilities that fall within the applicability of the references.  4.  Does not authorize the use of units and personnel of the Armed Forces for civilian law enforcement purposes or for response to natural or manmade disasters.

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