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TITLE:  DoD 1000.21-R, "Passport and Passport Agent Services Regulation," 04/1997

SUMMARY:  This Regulation is reissued under the authority of DoD Directive 1000.21, "DoD Passport and Passport Agent Services," July 9, 1992. It provides guidance for administration of Passport and Passport Agent Services. It also provides guidance on the prepartation of required documents for the acquisition and control of no-fee passport and/or visas necessary for official travel. Finally, it prescribes the use of DD Form 1056, "Authorization to Apply for a No-Fee Passport and/or Request for Visa," by all the DoD Components. The Department of State (DoS) forms authorized for use by the DoS Passport Agent's Manual are prescribed by this Regulation for use by all the DoD Components. Military passport agents will utilize these forms to fulfill DoS requirements for information needed for processing passports and passport applications.

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