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TITLE:  DoD Directive 1000.21, "DoD Passport and Passport Agent Services," 07/09/1992

SUMMARY:  This Directive establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes procedures for the administration of Passport and Passport Agent Services for the Department of Defense (DoD) in accordance with Title 22, Code of Federal Regulation, Part 51.21(b), Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the DoD and the Department of State, March 25, 1991, and the Director of Administration and Management, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Memorandum, "Delegation of Responsibility for the Department of Defense Passport Application Services," April 1, 1991; authorizes the publication of DoD 1000.21-R, "Passport and Passport Agent Services Regulation," consistent with DoD 5025.1-M, "DoD Directives System Procedures," December 31, 1990, authorized by DoD Directive 5025.1, December 23, 1988; designates the Secretary of the Army as the Executive Agent for Passport Agent Services.

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OPR:  DA&M, 703-697-1365