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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433-7765



MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Air Force Institute of Technology is to support national defense through graduate and professional education and research programs. Professional continuing education programs are designed to satisfy specific Air Force and Department of Defense (DoD) needs for special and advanced knowledge of immediate applicability.

The School of Systems and Logistics is the "Air Force's professional continuing education technical school of management." The school's mission is to plan, develop, and conduct courses and programs to meet the technical management needs of logistics, systems, and acquisition customers from the Air Force, Department of Defense, and other federal agencies.

The School of Systems and Logistics is located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, approximately ten miles northeast of Dayton, Ohio. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is also the home of the major research and development activities of the Air Force Material Command.

The School is in Area B, Building 641, Twining Hall. The academic facility, dedicated in 1977, can accommodate approximately 700 students and 150 faculty and staff. Twining Hall is part of a complex of interconnected AFIT buildings which include a Science and Research Center, Kenney Hall, Building 642, and the School of Engineering, Bane Hall, Building 640.

The Professional Continuing Education (PCE) Program provides DoD managers with high quality continuing education in a variety of functional management areas including contract management, acquisition management, quantitative management and logistics management. The mission can be thought of as an accomplishment of three related educational responsibilities: (1) prepares people for career field entry and progression; (2) prevents professional obsolescence; and (3) transfers new knowledge.

The School's professional continuing education program includes 60 courses ranging in length from one to three weeks. Each year nearly 300 resident offerings of these courses are attended by some 6,434 military and civil service students from all elements of the DoD. An additional 26,403 DoD students take advantage of correspondence, on-site, contracted equivalency exam, seminar, and satellite presented courses, as well as workshops offered by the School.

The hallmark of the continuing education programs has always been an emphasis on curriculum quality. The School emphasizes program quality by: (1) limiting class size to encourage a seminar environment; (2) integrating current management concepts and principles with current systems and logistics directives; (3) using simulations, case problems, and other management exercises to demonstrate management applications; (4) employing the latest teaching techniques and aids; and (5) selecting faculty members based on a combination of their academic qualifications, specialized knowledge, and experience in the field.

The School faculty is a unique blend of over 100 officers and civilians who combine practical experience, academic experience, and a strong desire to improve the Air Force and DoD by educating the logistics managers of tomorrow. Approximately ten percent Army and Navy officer positions give the DoD flavor to a student population that includes many non-Air Force students.

AFIT's diversity of operational modes, resources, locations, and faculty permits response to a broad range of Air Force educational requirements. Professional education courses are available in four distinct modes: the resident program, the on-site program (including the enhanced seminar program), the satellite, and the Extension Course Institute program. The resident program consists of approximately 60 separate courses conducted at the AFIT main campus at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The on-site program consists of approximately 25 courses offered at sites worldwide. The enhanced seminar program consists of six courses designed for guided discussion groups at home duty stations. Application procedures for the resident and on-site programs are identical. Application procedures for the resident, on-site, and advanced seminar program are presented in the following pages.

FUNDING: In the resident program: AFIT funds the TDY travel and per diem expenses of programmed Air Force military and civilian students assigned to AF commands and separate operating activities who attend APDP courses. Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses are funded by The Defense Acquisition University. The Departments of the Army and Navy, the Defense Logistics Agency, all other government agencies, and contractors are responsible for funding their own student TDY expenses -- including expenses of Air Force personnel assigned to them.

In the on-site program: AFIT funds the travel and per diem of faculty members conducting courses which are programmed in AFIT's fiscal year budget. AFIT does not fund expenses of students attending on-site courses.

The seminar program: AFIT pays the postage of all administration and textual material.

MESSING: There are many food outlets on Wright-Patterson AFB to include: Bldg 642 Cafeteria, Bldg 641 Snack Bar, and Hope Hotel. Numerous fast food and other restaurants are available off-base.

TRANSPORTATION: Morning and afternoon bus transportation between billeting and school is provided at no cost. A bus will depart from your designated billeting site each class morning, including the first morning, one hour before scheduled class start time. A bus schedule is posted at your billeting location and on the Student Operations Office bulletin board. AFIT does not reimburse vicinity travel costs of a private vehicle, or the cost of a rental vehicle. Parking is limited and students are encouraged to use the school shuttle bus service. Reasonably priced shuttle bus service, between the Dayton Airport and the base, is available in the baggage claim area of the airport. Cost for this service is approximately $33 for advanced purchase round trip service.

HANDICAPPED PARKING: Special parking places close to the school are located along Tenth Street which is at the north side of the school building.

CLOTHING: Military personnel are expected to meet dress, appearance, and weight standards. Military members must attend class in appropriate uniform. BDUs, flight suits, sandals, jeans, sweatshirts, shorts and "athletic shoes" are not permitted. Tie/tab for military members are mandatory for the period of 1 Nov -31 Mar. AFIT civilian students are expected to dress appropriately for business.

CLASS AND STUDY HOURS: Students are normally scheduled for formal classes from 0800 through 1600 hours each class day. Homework averages two hours per night.

LIBRARY FACILITIES: The AFIT Library, located in Bldg 642 is available to all students.

GRADING POLICIES: All students will receive a "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory." This grade will be forwarded to the student's servicing personnel office. In addition, students completing courses yielding academic credit will be awarded a letter grade.

REGISTRATION AND GRADUATION PROCEDURES: On the first day of class students should report to the School of Systems and Logistics, Building 641, Area B. On the final day of class, time required for transport to quarters, packing, checkout, and journey to the Dayton Airport is 2 to 3 hours. Please arrange return commercial airplane reservations accordingly.

TDY PAYMENTS: Advance per diem or travel payments should be obtained before departing your home station. Consult the Student Operations Office for any financial problems after arrival.

SCHOOL SUPPLY ITEMS: Expendable supplies are not issued to students, but may be purchased at the AFIT Bookstore in the Science and Research Center. Purchasers will be asked to verify their student status by showing their travel orders or DD Form 1556.

SHIPMENT OF MATERIALS: Shipment of course materials to home station is the responsibility of the individual. Official AFIT indicia envelopes or labels are not authorized for this purpose. The school cannot authorize excess baggage on TDY orders.

BASE EXCHANGE FACILITIES: Civilian students billeted in VOQ/VAQ may use the Base Theater and may purchase certain necessary items at the Base Exchange. Students should request from the VOQ/VAQ receptionist a travel order notation certifying billeting in VOQ/VAQ. Off-base billeting does not qualify students to use base facilities.

ADDRESS FOR MAIL: Students residing in the VOQ may use the address below:



Air Force activities use the Air Force Training Management System (AFTMS) screening, scheduling and various procedures needed to submit quota requirements for all AFIT courses in the resident, on-site, and seminar programs. Quota allocations for all courses and programs are released through AFTMS. All subsequent communication regarding requirements and quotas should be sent directly to MAJCOM/SOA for coordination and forwarding, and not directly to AFIT.

Non-Air Force activities receive a requirements call message approximately 1 April. The message requests quota requirements for courses of the fiscal year beginning 18 months later. Requirements are due 1 December (10 months prior to the beginning of the FY) at AFIT/LSA, Student Operations Branch, 2950 P Street, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7765. Resident requirements should be submitted on DD Form 1631; on-site requirements should be submitted on DD Form 1631-1. Component units of organizations listed below should submit all requirements to the HQ training office listed below. Even when requesting unprogrammed quotas (that is quotas not considered/requested in accordance with (IAW) the above schedule), component units should submit requests directly to their command HQ training office, not directly to AFIT.

The school publishes the FY Class Schedule and allocated quotas via letter in August. Quotas for courses in the Professional Continuing Education Program are processed through the following commands:

  Commander, U.S. Army Material Command
  Attn:  AMCPE-AE
  5001 Eisenhower Ave.
  Alexandria, VA 22333-0001
  DSN  284-9833 (9845)

  Office of Civilian Personnel Management
  Code 232A2
  800 North Quincy St
  Arlington, VA 22203-1998
  DSN 226-0396

  Commandant of the Marine Corps
  HQ Marine Corps
  Code TPI-42
  Washington, DC 20380
  DSN 224-2970

  DLA Civilian Personnel Support Office 
  P.O. Box 3990
  Columbus, OH 43216-5000
  DSN 850-5955

Allocation for Government agencies other than DoD are handled individually by the School through the requesting education and training officials of the specific agency. These agencies should contact AFIT/LSA, 2950 P Street, WPAFB OH 45433-7765; DSN 785-7777, ext 3117, Commercial (513) 255-7777, ext 3117.


Military and civilian personnel must have an academic and/or experience background compatible with the course, and be assigned duty requiring the knowledge and experience they will gain from attendance. Military commanders and civilian supervisors will ensure the best possible selection of qualified personnel to attend courses. In addition, there must be reasonable assurance of a continuing need for the individual's services. Civilian employees must not be serving under a temporary appointment with a specific time limit. Employees with less than one year of current continuous Federal civilian employment are not eligible by law, except in unusual circumstances. Air Foce military personnel attending AFIT professional continuing education courses will incur an additional active duty commitment per table 7 of AFR 36-51, Active Duty Service Commitments. Information on active duty commitments for other Services is available at servicing personnel offices. Eligibility details are presented in the official course description of each course.

WAIVER OF PREREQUISITES: Persons who do not meet course prerequisites but who desire to be admitted to class should attach to their DD Form 1556 a cover letter titled "Request for Waiver of Prerequisites" explaining their particular situation.

SELECTION PROCEDURE: Training offices at Air Force major commands (and DoD equivalent Offices) initially review/approve individual applications. Staff persons of the School of Systems and Logistics perform final review and approval/disapproval. Students are notified.

STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Students are required to have no major duties beyond applying themselves to their studies. It is expected that students will maintain a high level of scholarship and exhibit attributes associated with a scholar seeking and sharing knowledge and understanding. Each student's progress towards meeting learning objectives is evaluated by participation in discussions, case analyses, interviews, papers, laboratory exercises, special projects, and examinations.



Individuals must submit their completed application (DD Form 1556) to their respective personnel/training office, i.e., not directly to AFIT.

The initial review of application (DD Form 1556) and student selection will be performed by MAJCOM/DP or the appropriate training office. Final review and selection approval will be controlled by the AFIT/LS course director.

Individuals who do not meet stated prerequisites must attach a written waiver request to their DD Form 1556. Waivers will be granted on an individual basis.

Between 90 and 45 days before class start date: Completed DD Forms 1556 are sent to AFIT/LSA, 2950 P Street, WPAFB OH 45433-7765, on behalf of nominees filling allocated quotas. Additionally, names of AF personnel are entered in the AF Training Management System (AFTMS).

Forty-five days before class start date: Class close-out. Students are selected and class is filled. Completed DD Forms 1556 (along with AFTMS data for AF personnel) receive final review. If AFIT/LSA has not received DD Forms 1556 (and AFTMS confirmation for AF personnel) indicating the allocated quota(s) will be used, these quotas may be cancelled, revert to AFIT/LSA, and will be used to satisfy a valid educational need of another agency via the space available enrollment program.

The School reserves the right to approve/disapprove a nominee on the basis of information requested on the DD Form 1556. Submitting agencies are promptly notified of the School's decision via dispatch of appropriate copy of DD Form 1556 (and AFTMS input for AF personnel). A letter of reporting instructions is sent directly to the home address of approved nominees. Students who have not received this letter should call the School two weeks prior to class start date. Students who have not received formal notification of acceptance should not report to school.

Authority for issuance of travel orders is indicated by the DD Forms 1556 approved by AFIT (and approval codes entered in AFTMS by AFIT, for AF personnel), or an equivalent written statement from AFIT. The School reserves the right to refuse to admit personnel appearing with unauthorized orders and/or without explicit written advance approval; and the School may cancel its funding of TDY expenses incurred by said students.

After the class close-out, which is 45 days prior to class start date, substitutes for approved students are not automatically authorized. Space Available Enrollments: AFIT/LSA highly recommends use of the "space available" application method if there are requirements for which no issued quotas were received by your component/agency. Submit DD Form 1556 and in Item 20g, enter the number "3" standing for space available. Enter the time frame of desired entry in Item 23. The time frame may be the dates of a specific class, or may be a general calendar period such as "First Half FY 99." If submitting many nominees at one time, we suggest a prioritization of those nominees. We will attempt to meet the time frame indicated and will notify the component/agency training office of nominee approval (via dispatch of the appropriate copy of the form) as well as sending reporting instructions to the nominee.


Prospective personnel must submit a completed application (DD Form 1556) to their respective personnel/training office -- i.e., not directly to AFIT. DD Form 1556 will flow to appropriate training agency (i.e., Army - Civilian Personnel Office, Navy - Navy Career Management Center, AF - Air Force Personnel Management Center) who has control of that service's quotas. Agencies using the allocated quotas are required to register students into the Army Training Requirements Resources System (ATRRS) no later than 45 calendar days prior to the class start date to ensure that the student has sufficient time to make necessary arrangements for attending class. This also allows adequate time for AFIT to mail out Welcome Letters and case studies when applicable, and make billeting reservations.

Authority for issuance of travel orders and funding information will be provided to selected students by their perspective agency. Space Available Enrollments: Prospective personnel wishing to attend a DAU course on a space available basis should submit their DD Form 1556 to be placed in a "wait" status in ATRRS. ATRRS will automatically convert the "waits" to "reserved" seat quotas if there are unused seats 30 days prior to class start date. At the time the "wait" becomes a "reserved" seat, the welcome letter will be mailed out and billeting reservations made.


Presently eight AFIT/LS courses are available in the Enhanced Seminar Mode. PPM 302S seminar has been certified by the Defense Procurement Career Management Board as satisfying the civilian career progression requirements for resident course PPM 302. Reference DoD Manual 1430.10-M-1, DoD-wide Civilian Career Program for Procurement Personnel. QMT 020S, SYS 012S, SYS 028S, SYS 100S, SYS 200S/SATT, SYS 200S/CBI, SYS 225S, and SYS 229S satisfy prerequisites for more advanced AFIT/LS resident courses.

Offerings and Requirements

QMT 020S

Available for enrollments (minimum 12 students).

This course is offered on-site using AFIT faculty, as well as through Seminar. A minimum of 25 students is required for an on-site offering with AFIT instructors.

Objective: This course provides an overview of reliability and maintainability (R&M) as it pertains to acquisition. It covers the Air Force's R & M 2000 program, the R & M requirements process, a look at possible contracting tools, R & M design, reliability growth and qualification testing, environmental stress screening, and R & M datasources.

Special seminar requirements are:

a. Facilitator(s) should be knowledgeable in reliability and maintainability (R&M) with at least three years experience in related R & M issues.

b. Minimum 12 students.

c. No grade level or experience prerequisites.

d. Presentation minimum is 4 days (i.e., 4 half-day sessions).

QMT 020S consists of videotape lectures with guided discussion by the facilitator. A final review of course materials is accomplished via student answers to and oral discussion on written questions. The length of the course is 16 classroom hours.

PPM 302S

Parallels the resident course objectives, uses resident textbook with supplementary materials and videotapes.

Objectives: This seminar provides experienced contracting personnel a comprehensive preventative law treatment of the legal framework of government procurement. Students receive a review of basic legal principles. Through presentation and analysis of the pertinent statutes, common law, selected court and board decisions, students are exposed to application of the law in such areas as contracting authority, fraudulent practices, technical data rights, changes, modifications and disputes.

Special requirements are:

a. Facilitator(s) must be attorney(s) having government contract law experience and currently employed by a DoD organization.

b. Objective (multiple-choice) closed book examinations. Minimum of 60% using an average of midterm and final tests with neither Test earning a score lower than 50%. A separate participation grade on a scale of 0-20 will be submitted by the Facilitator.

c. Appointment of a Test Control Officer (TCO).

d. Course open to military officers (O-3 and above), enlisted personnel (E-7 and above) and civil service personnel (GS-9 and above)in the procurement area; any warranted Contracting Officer. The course manager will consider waivers for personnel in lower grades and other career areas on an individual basis.

e. All course work must be completed in a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 15 weeks from course start date.

PPM 302S is 66 class hours, consisting of 44 hours of group discussion and 22 hours of group study. Fulfills civilian progression upgrade level requirements.

Processing the Seminar Request

As soon as AFIT receives all required materials and has approved your Facilitator, you will receive a letter confirming your seminar request. Shortly after that (7-10 days prior to the start date), you will receive your seminar materials. You will also be assigned a Seminar Offering Number. This number should be used on all correspondence pertaining to your seminar; it speeds up processing actions.

Please note that there have been occasions when seminar application packages have come to us incomplete. The reasons may be an unqualified Facilitator, missing DD Form 1556s, or ineligible students. At times, waivers for attendees and other information may be required. In each case, we will contact you immediately to resolve any problems.

Seminar Application Procedures

You need the following:

1. A minimum of 12 students (maximum 20 except SYS 028S) with the required grade levels for the seminar you desire. (See the DMET Catalog, DoD 5010.16-C, and AFR 50-5).

2. An individual qualified to serve as Facilitator. This person must be willing to lead all seminar sessions.

3. An individual appointed to serve as the test control officer.

Preparing the Seminar Request

Send your request letter to AFIT/LSE 2950 P Street, WPAFB OH 45433-7765; DSN 785-1167, Commercial (513) 255-1167, FAX: DSN 986-7622, Commercial (513) 476-7622, with the following enclo- sures:

A Seminar Application Form. A lead time of at least 30 days prior to the preferred start date must be allowed due to the demand for these courses and administrative requirements.

A Facilitator biography in resume.

DD Forms 1556 for all students with legible SSAN's and grades and ranks. Please arrange names in alphabetical order for easier processing. Two copies of the DD Form 1556 are necessary. A xeroxed copy of the first page of the 1556 is acceptable.

Test Control Officer (TCO) appointment letter signed by the organizational commander. This individual cannot be the Facilitator or a student. If you are able to use the TCO at a local military installation, by all means do so.


Seminar Course Desired: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Location: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Number of Students: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(No subsequent additions please; attach a DD Form 1556 for each student)

Selected Facilitator: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(Attach biographical sketch in resume format.)

Address of Facilitator: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Telephone number of Facilitator:. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Selected Test Control Officer (TCO):. . . . . . . . . . . .

Address of TCO: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Telephone number of TCO:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Point of Contact: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(Facilitator or training monitor)

Address:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Telephone number: . . . .. . . . . FAX Number: . . . . . . .

Start Date: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Alternate start date: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(Please write additional comments/explanations on your request letter. Waiver justifications for students should be attached to the DD Form 1556 of the individuals concerned.)

for the

In accordance with AFCAT 36-2223, Paragraph 1-52, "USAF Training for Contractor Personnel", employees of companies or corporations under contract to the Armed Services may attend our resident or on-site education course offerings, on a "space available tuition pay" basis, if either of the following conditions apply:

a. The contract requires the government to provide training;

b. The training required is not available from other sources and there is a material and direct benefit to the DoD.

Samples of the letter/statements needed to process your request for contractor training at the School of Systems and Logistics are found on the next page.

Please contact Mr. Graham at commercial 513-255-7777, ext. 3107 to receive telephone approval of the contractor's application package, on a "space available tuition pay" basis.

The next step is for the approved contractor to wait for a "welcome letter" and a telephone call from our Student Operations folks confirming that you have been selected for a specific offering of the course you requested. When this selection is made a check made payable to the DAYTON AREA GRADUATE STUDIES INSTITUTE must be forwarded to the following address:

2950 P Street, Bldg 641
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7765

NOTE: A cost analysis performed by HQ Air University determined that the charges for our courses would be $172.00 per class day.


The Air Force Institute of Technology is pleased to announce that through an agreement with the Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute (DAGSI), we can now offer enrollment in our Professional Continuing Education (PCE) courses to eligible individuals.

To apply for a PCE course, please provide the following information:

a. Name of Applicant
b. Home Address
d. Home Telephone
e. Company and Address of Employer
f. Position/Title of Applicant
g. Brief Description of Duties
h. Office Telephone of Applicant
I. Course Title and Catalog Number of Requested Course
j. Course Dates of Requested Course

Mail or FAX (513-255-8458) your application to:

ATTN: Mr. Jon Graham
2950 P Street, Bldg 640
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7765

PCE tuition is $172.00 per day. You will be notified that you have been selected for a specific offering of the course you requested. Upon selection, you will need to forward a check made payable to the DAYTON AREA GRADUATE STUDIES INSTITUTE to the following address:

2950 P Street, Bldg 641
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7765

For more information, contact Mr. Jon Graham at 513-255-7777, ext 3107


FROM: Administrative Contracting Officer

SUBJECT: Certification for Contractor Education on a Space
Available Basis, (Insert Individual's Name)

TO: DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE Department of System Acquisition
Management (LSY)

SYS 028

Location: AFIT/LS, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7765
Length: 2 1/2 Class Days

PURPOSE: This course provides a quick look at the management practices used to facilitate the successful management of the technical side of a program. It is intended to increase the awareness of the impacts of CM on programs and to provide the basic tools for successfully applying CM. It provides an overview of the basic philosophy and practices of configuration (or technical) management. While it is primarily oriented towards personnel managing the development, production, and deployment of new weapon system hardware and software, it also covers the kinds of practices that are needed for successful operation and support of those items. The course also familiarizes the student with the primary DoD policy and standardization documents used in CM.

PREREQUISITES: None; however, at least two months in an acquisition position is recommended.


1. I certify the applicant meets the conditions and requirements specified in AFCAT 36-2223, USAF Formal Schools, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1-52, selected and completed below, and the prerequisites listed in Chapter 4. I also certify that AETC and AU/AFIT contract training or TDY-to-school funds (MFP 8A, Appropriate 3400) will NOT be used. Please call me at (ACO's Telephone #) if you have any questions.

a. Contract Number

(1) Requires the government to provide training; or
(2) The training required is not available from other sources and there is a material and direct benefit to the Department of Defense.


(1) The government will pay the contractor for training and a fair adjustment will be made in the contract; or
(2) The government will not pay the contractor for training.


(1) The contractor will require access to classified, has a security clearance at the level of ____________, and has a need to know; or
(2) The contractor will not require access to classified.


(1) An indemnification agreement, signed by the authorized contractor representative is attached; or

e. Request for training is attached.

2 Atch.                                 ACO SIGNATURE
1.  Request for Training                SIGNATURE BLOCK
2.  Agreement of Indemnification


FROM: (Insert Contractor's Name)

SUBJECT: Request for Training, Contract #

TO: (Insert Administrative Contracting Officer's Name and Address)

Request approval to attend training on a space available basis:

a. Name of Applicant:
b. Home Address:
c. SSAN:
d. Date of Birth:
e. Home Telephone:
f. Company and Address of Employing Company:
g. Position/Title of Applicant:
h. Office Telephone of Applicant:
i. Name and Mailing Address of Recommended Training Source:

Student Operations
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7765

j. Course Title and Catalog Number:
k. Course Dates:________________, or next available offering.

1 Atch.                            SIGNATURE AND
Agreement of Indemnification       SIGNATURE BLOCK
                                   OF ADMINISTRATIVE


I. The below-named Contractor, in consideration of the United States Air Force training of the herein named Contractor employee on the Air Force installation, whether by contract or otherwise, hereby agrees:

(1) To indemnify and hold the United States harmless, whether in tort or in contract, for any and all loss or liability for injury to or death of (Type Complete Name of Employee in this space) in transit to or from or during the period of attendance at any training or school provided by the United States.

(2) To defend, pay or settle every claim or suit against the United States, its agencies, and United States personnel, by any agents or any employees of the Contractor or persons claiming through them, or by third parties, for any and all loss or liability for injury or death of (Type Complete Name of Employee in this space) in transit to or from or during the attendance at any training or school provided by the United States.

(3) To pay or settle every claim or death for injury to any person, or for loss or damage to any property whether or not under the control of the United States, arising out of the use of any Air Force installation, supplies, or services by the Contractor or its employee, (Type Complete Name of Employee in this space), unless the death, injury, loss or damage results solely from the negligence or willful misconduct of United States personnel.

II. For the purpose of this agreement, the term "United States Personnel" shall include:

(1) Military and Civilian personnel of the United States acting within the scope of their employment, and

(2) Heirs, successors, executors, administrators, and assigns of such personnel.

                              SIGNATURE OF ADMINISTRATIVE 
                              CONTRACTOR REPRESENTATIVE
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