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                             Smallpox and its eradication.
    F. Fenner, D.A. Henderson, I. Arita, Z. Jezek, I.D. Ladnyi
WHO Site

 Smallpox and its eradication was published by WHO in 1988 (ISBN: 92 4 156110 6). It contains illustrative material both from WHO and from other published sources, as indicated. In the case of the latter, the copyright holders granted WHO permission to reproduce their material in this book.

Stocks of Smallpox and its eradication were exhausted some years ago and the book is now out of print. In view of current concern about the threat of smallpox, WHO has decided with some urgency to make the book available on the World Wide Web. WHO requests the understanding of the copyright holders of the illustrations from other published sources and invites those who object to their material being made available in this way to contact us at pubrights@who.int.
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Foreword, by Dr Halfdan Mahler...vii; Preface...ix; Acknowledgements...xiii

Chapter 1. The clinical features of smallpox  p1
             Page 1-7
             Page 8-11
             Page 12-15
             Page 16-18
             Page 19-26
             Page 27-36
             Page 37-68

Chapter 2: Variola virus and orthopoxviruses

Chapter 3. The pathogenesis, pathology and immunology of smallpox and vaccines   p121

Chapter 4. The epidemiology of smallpox   p169

Chapter 5. The history of smallpox and its spread around the world  p209

Chapter 6. Early efforts at control: variolation, vaccination, and isolation and quarantine   p245

Chapter 7. Developments in vaccination and control between 1900 and 1966   p277

Chapter 8. The incidence and control of smallpox between 1900 and 1958   p315

Chapter 9. Development of the global smallpox eradication programme,1958-1966   p365

Chapter 10. The Intensified Smallpox Eradication Programme, 1967-1980   p421
              Page 421-442
              Page 443-458
              Page 459-498
              Page 499-516
              Page 517-538

Chapter 11. Smallpox vaccine and vaccination in the Intensified Smallpox Eradication Programme p539

Chapter 12. South America    p593

Chapter 13. Indonesia    p627

Chapter 14. Afghanistan and Pakistan   p659

Chapter 15. India and the Himalayan area  p711
             Page 711-756
             Page 757-805

Chapter 16. Bangladesh    p807

Chapter 17. Western and central Africa   p849

Chapter 18. Zaire and Sudan    p911

Chapter 19. Eastern Africa: Kenya, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi p945

Chapter 20. Southern Africa    p969

Chapter 21. Ethiopia, Yemen and Democratic Yemen   p997

Chapter 22. Somalia and Djibouti   p1037

Chapter 23. Smallpox in non-endemic countries   p1069

Chapter 24. The certification of eradication: concepts, strategy and tactics   p1103

Chapter 25. Certification by international commissions: 1973-1977   p1149

Chapter 26. Certification of 29 countries of Africa and Asia: 1978-1979   p1195

Chapter 27. The completion of global certification: the Horn of Africa and China   p1227

Chapter 28. Post-eradication operations: implementation of the recommendations of the Global Commission    p1263

Chapter 29. Human monkeypox and other poxvirus infections of man   p1287

Chapter 30. Potential sources for a return of smallpox   p1321

Chapter 31. Lessons and benefits   p1345

References    p1371; Index of names  p1411; Subject index   p1421




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