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Exam Notes

(check back periodically - I will post updates based on pre-exam questions

Preliminary Master Outline (minus the last two chapters) - This is the same set of study questions that have already been posted, with one exception - it includes study questions for the material in first chapters for which no study questions have been posted previously. So, if you have been working on the study questions as we go, all you need to do is grab the new material on the first chapters. The document is in Word outline format. If you are unfamiliar with Word outlines, I strongly recommend you figure them out - they make organizing notes much more effective.

The exam will be open notes, open textbook. No outside reference books, and no computer research. If you use your computer - recommended - you must use the exam software. If you have Vista on your computer, be sure to talk to the tech staff before exam time.

The exam will cover the material in the book, not the background material from class lectures. The questions will require synthesis of the material but will be focused, not open-ended essays. It will not resemble the exam from the Public Health and National Security class from 2005, which was a very different course. If you have read the book and attended class, you should be in good shape for the exam. You should review the study questions as you prepare for the exam, and you might annotate them with page numbers for important points and for general navigation. You should focus on the questions as a guide to what is important in the book for exam preparation. The exam will not be based on a transcript of the class - if you have taken extensive class notes, make sure you correlate those with the outline.

You do not need the text of the GAO report on NSLs.

15 April

Need to brush up on administrative law? Two quick reads;

The Administrative Law Nutshell

Administrative Law: Examples and Explanations (The Examples & Explanations Series) (Paperback) by William F. Funk (Author), Richard H. Seamon (Author)



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