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Health Care Law - 2007

Professor Richards

Exam Blog

Text - Furrow, Greaney, Johnson, Jost and Schwarz' Health Care Organization & Finance, 5th West (2004) - Note - this is a softcover book that is a subset of the book Prof Baker used. Make sure you get the right book.

Find a federal job

Jan 9

No assignment - Introductory Lecture - slides

Jan 11

p 1-26

Jan 16


Jan 18

Chapter 2

Jan 23

Discuss health insurance in anticipation of the State of the Union Address and finish Chapter 2. Remember the question I left you with - why do we care about access to unorthodox treatments and narcotic and other drugs? Be sure to take a hard look at the problem on page 85.

Jan 25

Chapter 3

Jan 30

Finish Chapter 3

Feb 1

Chapter 4

Feb 6

Chapter 5 - This will take more than one class. It has a lot of LAW in it, read it carefully.

Feb 8

Finish Chapter 5, Chapter 6, through 208.

Feb 13


Feb 15

Finish Chapter 6

Feb 22

Thomas R. McLean and Edward P. Richards, "Health Care's 'Thirty Years War': The Origins and Dissolution of Managed Care," 60 NYU Annual Survey of American Law 283 (2004)

This is a good review of managed care and ERISA, through 2004. We will then read a case or two to bring us up to date on the Court's mischief in this area.

Feb 27

Hot off the presses! 4th Circuit rules on district court decision finding Maryland's Walmart health insurance act violates ERISA. This will be a good capstone on ERISA, and is especially interesting because it was decided after the announcement of the CA and MA universal health insurance schemes. Read this as if you are counsel to the legislature who has been asked whether a state health insurance plan can force employers to contribute in lieu of providing health insurance to employees.

March 1

No class. Start reading 341-400

March 6

Finish reading 341-400.

March 8

Finish Chapter 8. AAFP info on Medicare Assignment CMS BIPA Appeals

March 13

Finish Medicaid. Read: Preliminary Findings Regarding an Approach Focusing on Physician Practice Patterns to Foster Program Efficiency, March 6, 2007 - gao-07-567t

Focus class discussion on the good things about health care and how expectation creep, combined with inequality, leave us in a time of better medical care across the board, but with growing concerns about both quality and availability.

March 15

More info on children's health coverage under Medicaid - not required reading.

AIDS Day - review these materials, I will mostly lecture.

The future of HIV?

March 20

Read through 478

March 22

Finish Chapter 9

March 27

Through 547

March 29

Finish Chapter 10

April 3

Read to: 633 - Note on changing reading assignments: These last six classes act as a capstone and review many of the issues we have introduced in early classes. The assignments are much shorter, but we are going to cover them in much greater detail. Read them and prepare to discuss them in class. This is where we put a lot of the issues together.


April 5

Read to: 660

April 10

Read to: 670

April 12

Read to: 704 - slides

April 17

Review - slides (first draft)

April 19





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