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Law 5337 – Law of Coastal Adaption and Global Warming
Richards - 2012


The Rising Sea, Orrin H. Pilkey, Rob Young. Paperback Edition, Island Press, 2009, ISBN 1610910044

Global Climate Change: A Primer, Orrin H. Pilkey, Keith C. Pilkey, Mary Edna Fraser, Paperback, Duke University Press Books, ISBN 0822351099

These are inexpensive paperbacks if you buy them from Amazon or BN.COM.

Last year's class blog - http://sites.law.lsu.edu/coastclass/

Deadly Coast blog - http://sites.law.lsu.edu/coast/

10 Jan

Chapters 1-4 in Global Climate Change

17 Jan

Chapters 5-6 in Global Climate Change

LA elevations - https://biotech.law.lsu.edu/climate/docs/CZB_Report_20August2010.pdf page 46, fig 7

Coastal master plan - http://www.coastalmasterplan.la.gov/

Methane hydrates - http://www.ornl.gov/info/reporter/no16/methane.htm

Quick list of resources:

Louisiana Sea Grant:
1. Coastal Law Newsletter (LCL).  http://www.lsu.edu/sglegal/pubs/lcl.htm
2. Coastal Law Email Updates.  These short updates highlight recent cases and local news.  http://www.lsu.edu/sglegal/pubs/updates.htm
3. Coastal Law Archive (general and legislative editions)  These are dated, but Sea Grant is currently working on updating the legislative edition.   http://www.lsu.edu/sglegal/pubs/archive.htm
4. Louisiana Environmental Lawyer, published by the Louisiana State Bar Assoc.  This link is also dated but there are volumes dating from 2000-2005.   http://www.lsu.edu/sglegal/pubs/lel.htm 
5. Various law journal articles.  http://www.lsu.edu/sglegal/pubs/articles.htm

The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant

Research topics available online. http://masglp.olemiss.edu/research.htm

24 Jan

Professor Eugene Turner

Readings for the class:

R. Eugene Turner, Doubt and the Values of an Ignorance-Based World View for Restoration: Coastal Louisiana Wetlands. Estuaries and Coasts (2009) 32:1054–1068.

Christopher M. Swarzenski, Thomas W. Doyle, Brian Fry, and Thomas G. Hargis. Biogeochemical response of organic-rich freshwater marshes in the Louisiana delta plain to chronic river water influx. Biogeochemistry (2008) 90:49–63.

For those who found the primer a little basic, we are reading some real science. For those who found the primer about right, do not worry about figuring out the chemistry, focus on the discussion of the results and especially the Turner piece, which has significant non-technical content.

31 Jan

Coastal Adaptation and Global Warming, Fall 2010 | Louisiana Coastal Geology: Shaping the Future of the Louisiana Coast - Prof. Roy Dokka

http://ccweb.law.lsu.edu/Panopto/Pages/Viewer/Default.aspx?id=28071ff4-f660-4b3d-9ed7-a2af8461d27c mp4

Suggested topics

7 Feb

First three chapters of The Rising Sea.


14 Feb

Chapters 4 & 5.

28 Feb

Chapter 6 & 7

6 March

Finish book. Begin watching Turning the Tide

TED Talk - Shifting the baseline on the ocean

13 March

Turning the Tide

20 March

We are going to read In re Katrina Canal Breaches, 18 Nov 2009: Opinion  Appendix. We are not reading the case for the law, but for the coastal "science" that the court relies on in finding that the MRGO destroyed the marshes and lead to the destruction of the levees. You can skip over the law. Do read my article on the case for an overview of the law and the coastal science: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2004679 

27 March

General end of course discussion and scheduling of student presentations for the remaining classes.

April 3

Jonathan Jarrett, Ford Athmann, Masamichi Inoue

April 10

Kellyn Elmer, Michael Heier, Fabian Nehrbass, Eden Davis, Lauren Weiss

April 17

Andrew Cvitanovic, Grant Freeman, Skylar Washington, Fabian Nehrbass



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