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Reporting by Health Care Entities

Each health care entity which takes a professional review action that adversely affects the clinical privileges of a physician for a period longer than 30 days shall report to the Board of Medical Examiners. This duty also applies when the health care entity accepts the surrender of clinical privileges of a physician while the physician is under an investigation by the entity relating to possible incompetence or improper professional conduct, or in return for not conducting such an investigation or proceeding; or in the case of such an entity which is a professional society, takes a professional review action which adversely affects the membership of a physician in the society.

The information to be reported is--the name of the physician or practitioner involved, a description of the acts or omissions or other reasons for the action or, if known, for the surrender, and such other information respecting the circumstances of the action or surrender as the Secretary deems appropriate.

A health care entity that fails substantially to meet the reporting requirements of this Act shall lose the protections of section otherwise provided by the Act. This suspension of immunity does not become effective until the Secretary publishes the name of the entity as provided in the Act. (sec. 11133)

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