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Once the decision is made to admit an applicant to the medical staff, the applicant should be required to state, in writing, that the applicant has read the hospital bylaws and applicable medical section rules, understand the bylaws and medical section rules, and agrees to abide by the rules. Each staff member should receive a copy of the bylaws and section rules, and additional copies should be available in each nursing station. New editions of the bylaws and section rules and update pages for existing editions should be available at a central location, and each staff member should be asked to sign for a copy. Failure to pick up a copy after a reasonable period can be handled by the same mechanism that is used for failure to complete medical records. Requiring that each staff member sign for copies of the new rules and bylaws personally allows the hospital to ensure itself that all practitioners are aware of any changes. This is especially important for staff members who admit few patients and may be unaware of rule changes for several months after they occur.


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