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Problems in Defining Specific Quality Control Tasks

Chapter 4 through 12 deal with management control strategies for solving specific quality control problems. The value of these management control strategies is the they allow the division of the quality control process into discrete modules whose fun function can be clearly defined and monitored. The goal of this type of division is threefold:

l. to develop detailed job descriptions and protocols that will allow a new staff member to be readily trained to perform the function

2. to establish unambiguous lines of responsibility to ensure that each task is carried out without undue delay

3. to develop performance measures to evaluate an improve the effectiveness of the quality control program

Division of quality control activities into simple tasks is essential in a system as complex as a large hospital. Blurred lines of authority and overlapping responsibilities can allow major quality control problems to be overlooked when the personnel with the responsibility for overseeing an activity mistakenly assume that another group is managing the problem.

When the flow chart has been developed, it should be analyzed to determine if proper control loops are present. This analysis should be viewed as a multistep process. It will be necessary to add to, or even restructure, the chart as the process of analysis turns up information that was overlooked when the chart was initially prepared.

There are five problems to look for when analyzing the flow chart:

1. Redundancy in responsibility or authority;

2. Broken lines of command;

3. Inappropriate delegation of authority;

4. Improperly qualified personnel; and

5. Lack of feedback.

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